Admission Procedure

Admission into the school entails obtaining an admission form from any of the arms of the schools or other designated centres at a cost, completing and submitting such with required documents and finally sitting for an entrance examination on a specified date. Successful candidates are thereafter given the procedure of enrollment.

Admission Policy

In addition to the admission procedure mentioned above, parents and guardians are enjoined to ensure compliance of their wards with the following: Age: The age requirement for enrolment into the pre-nursery class is minimum of two (2) years at the commencement of the session in September.
An additional one year is added for the next class and so on. Hence the minimum age required for placement into primary 1, for instance is 5 years, primary 4 is 8 years and JS1 is 10 years at the commencement of an academic session.However, admissions are not given into the terminal classes like Pry 5, JS3 and SS3 while admission into any other class is subject to availability of space in such a class.
Boarding House: The minimum age required for admission into the boarding house is five (5) years at the time of admission.Please note that admission into all classes close by mid-term of the second term except for the pre-Nursery class.